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Vote 1

Caz Heise

Independent for Cowper

On voting day, make sure you number every box of the ballot card, in order of your preferred candidates.

Your vote will not count if you leave boxes unnumbered, or if you use a mark other than a numeral.

Who should you preference after Caz Heise?

Caz is asking voters of Cowper to give her their number 1 vote in the ballot for the House of Representatives. Caz will not advise voters on how they should vote after giving her their first preference – although we do remind voters that you must put a number in every box on the ballot paper for your vote to count.


Your Independent Voice for Cowper!

My campaign is all about us, our communities and our futures.

As an Independent candidate, I stand for you, the people and voices of Cowper, and advocate for a community-minded approach to politics.

I am not beholden to big-party policy and preferences, nor to monied interests and influence.

I will always work with you, and for you, with respect, honesty and integrity. My key priorities are:

Climate change, too often ignored by the major political parties, is a policy that independents like Carolyn Heise are willing to champion.


The science of climate change is clear and informs us to what needs to be done to protect our way of life and environment. It is time to take real action.
Integrity has been far too lacking in Australian politics for far too long; Carolyn Heise, independent candidate for Cowper, wants that to change.


It is critical we restore the public’s faith in our political system by restoring decency and creating a culture of accountability, transparency and trust.
Access to quality healthcare should be a right of every Australian. Vote 1 Caz4Cowper to ensure Medicare remains unchainged.


Access to professional, effective and affordable health care should be enjoyed by everyone who lives in Cowper.
Respect is at the core of independent, resilient communities. Let's work together to ensure respect amongst all people.


At the core of all healthy, resilient and productive communities is a deep commitment to respect.

A seismic shift is happening in Australian politics

All around the country independent candidates with courage and vision are stepping up to challenge the political status quo.

Smart, experienced and savvy people with a wide range of lived experience, are standing on platforms of climate action and its intrinsic economic opportunities, alongside a demand for renewed political integrity and accountability.

But who are they and what drives them? Meet Caz Heise, the Independent for Cowper.

Caz4Cowper Brandmark

Listen to more in the The Independents podcast series.

There has never been a more important time for community-led independent candidates like me to have a voice in the Australian Parliament.

Together we can be the change Cowper needs.

Why Independent?
Why Me?

I am running as an Independent candidate because the people of Cowper deserve better than a politician from a party political system corrupted by donors and self interest.

AS a nurse, a health administrator and a mother I’ve always been focused on caring for people, planning for success and creating healthy, respectful and resilient people and communities.

A cancer diagnosis 3 years ago shook me to the core, but thanks to the best medical treatments available, the support of family, friends and colleagues and an unwavering respect for the power of medicine and science I am now fit, healthy and cancer-free .

I am ready to embark on bringing much needed change to this beautiful part of the world.

I will be a true representative for all of our community.

I will be your Voice in Canberra, putting you first, and serving you with respect, honesty and integrity.

It is time to take real action to reduce emissions and incentivise the uptake of electric vehicles, home battery storage and micro community electricity grids.

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At the core of all healthy, resilient and productive communities is a deep commitment to respect. When I work with you, and on your behalf, I will always act with honesty and integrity.

News and Views

Polling volunteers

The role of supporters at polling booths can not be under-estimated. Their presence and enthusiasm can swing votes, and at the end of the day that’s what an election campaign is all about.

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Auction Success: $3000 raised to get Caz Going, going, going to Canberra

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Listening tour Coffs

My listening tour ended on all the right notes when I got the chance to conduct the Coffs Harbour Community Orchestra – what a great bunch of musical talent!

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Listening Tour Continues

Over the past week I’ve had great catch-ups with farmers, small business operators, health sector professionals, NDIS participants, pensioners and mums and dads.

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Be part of the change in Cowper

Help us make a difference in Cowper at the 2022 federal election?

We need people just like you to help us get our message out. We need people just like you to hand out How to Vote cards on election day and at pre-polling booths. We need people just like you to put a supporter's sign on your fence or in your front yard. We need people just like you to pop flyers in letterboxes, to knock on doors, to attend market and street stalls, to let your neighbours and community know to Vote 1 Caz4Cowper.

Join our team of Volunteers and be a part of a movement that’s putting the community back into our politics.

Your support will make a huge difference this election!

Join our team of Volunteers and be a part of a movement that’s putting the community back into our politics.

Your support will make a huge difference this election!

Our community volunteer hubs

Coffs Harbour Hub

35 Little Street, Coffs Harbour 2450

Opening Hours: 10am to 2pm Monday to Friday. Closed Saturday & Sunday.

Bellingen Hub

105 Hyde St, Bellingen

Next to the Alternatives Bookshop (At Top End Of Town)

Opening Hours: 10am to 2pm Monday to Saturday. Closed Sunday.

Nambucca Heads Hub

27 Bowra Street Nambucca Heads NSW 2448

Opening Hours: Thursday 10am to 1pm and Saturday 10am to 12 noon.

Port Macquarie Hub

1B/49 Horton Street, Port Macquarie  2444

Opening Hours: 10am to 2pm Monday to Saturday. Closed Sunday.

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